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Fashion + Music: Fashion Creatives Shaping Pop Culture

Fashion and music are formidable forces: entrancing, bewildering, identity-affirming, panic- inducing, tribe-forming, arguably life-saving and indisputably two of the finest playgrounds for indulging creative vision. As such, it rarely gets more exciting than when the two collide. Fashion + Music: Fashion Creatives Shaping Pop Culture, published by Laurence King, is a celebratory exploration of how fashion + music, as twin agents of creative expression, have long had a powerful mutual attraction, and of how fashion has consistently amplified our understanding of the band, and in many cases the brand.

While the relationship has been in play for some time, it has never been more significant than it is now. In the digital era, powered by visual soundbites, with pop videos, album art, stage looks and street-style shots distributed, devoured and dissected across the globe in nanoseconds, image means everything. Music may be the foundation, but fashion and the larger-than-life personae it creates have become the glue that binds sound, style and attitude, confirming the creative intent and ensuring that the audience remains captivated.

From music videos to editorial shoots, and from ad campaigns to stage shows, via the evolution of some of the industry’s most significant, often era-defining collaborations, this book focuses on the power of the fashion–music synthesis, as agent for reflection but also for change. A socio-pop-cultural journey through territories including identity, feminism, gender, sexuality (and sexual politics), cultural appropriation and the impact of Internet culture on the way we communicate, concoct, perceive and represent our ideas, it’s an essential reference for anyone interested in fashion’s role as a medium with which to innovate, communicate and seduce.

Foreword by Professor Frances Corner OBE. Publication date: August 2016.


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Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries

Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries, published by creative arts book publishers Laurence King, showcases the work of not only the most talented stylists working globally but also the crucial partnerships and collaborations that have spawned much of the creative landscape as we know it.

There was a time when stylists were all but invisible to the world beyond fashion’s inner circle, only privately applauded, shielded behind the facades of the magazines, shows, advertising campaigns, music labels and design ateliers whose creative output they had been integral to shaping. But, a steadily growing shift in the dynamics of the fashion industry has given license to a special breed of entrepreneurial visionaries who have bridged the nebulous boundaries between art, culture and commerce to become not only the interpreters but also the originators of fashion.

A celebration of contemporary styling, via a series of original interviews and a vast range of visual material, the book delivers an extensive insight into the pioneering work of an elite group of international stylists. From catwalk shows to music videos, from art direction to design, from editorial imagery to fine art, and including those who are now also editors, publishers, photographers, designers and directors in their own right, captured within the pages of this book are some of fashion’s most visionary thinkers and extraordinary communicators.

Foreword by Nick Knight. Published March 2012.


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